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Daily life how to feed a dog

- Feb 06, 2017 -

First, buy a good quality dog food, not just cheap, guaranteed quality dog food is generally more balanced nutrition. No impurities.

Second, dog meals leftover in non-dry food must be timely cleaned and disinfected to the dog dish in a timely manner. Don't be lazy.

Thirdly, even small dogs leftover dry foods and don't let the night, be sure to clean up before going to bed.

Four, chicken bones, fish bones. Milk, chocolate, leftover rice, vegetables, meat, and so on do not feed your dog.

Five, do not use cat food or fish food to feed the dog, because these foods contain proteins too high to fit dogs nutritional requirements.

VI never feeding puppies with spoiled or expired food.

Seven, standing clean water for the dog to drink.

Eight, usually observe the dog's appetite, dog anorexia if more than 3 days, or refuse to eat for 24 hours, that might have been ill. Must send veterinary diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner.

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