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Pet product development environment

- Feb 06, 2017 -

All aspects of China's economic chain from pet pet market development, targeted adjustment of the pet economy investment management policy. How to take a comprehensive perspective development of the pet industry in developed countries and its advanced experiences for reference to solve problems in pet markets in China and realize the world of China's pet market.

Global pet market is booming. EuromonitorInternational according to international research firm said that 2008 global market for pet food and supplies valued at more than $56 billion, 2009 is expected to rise to $65 billion. North America, Western Europe and Asia Pacific global total sales in the first three pet markets, Latin America and Eastern Europe have been put into the high growth rate of pet market, Euromonitor estimates that pet product sales in 2009 will grow by 1 time in Eastern Europe, up to 2.6 billion dollars.

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