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Pet supplies manufacturing

- Feb 06, 2017 -

After tourism, education economics, sports economics, pet economy burgeoned, and become a new industry. From 2007, the consumption of many international authorities began to pay close attention to China's pet industry market research firm. Number of pets in the rapid growth in China, Chinese people care for pets is increasingly strong. Research results show that the number of pets in China in eight years 1999-2007 nearly 500%. By 2010, the number will be increased to 150 million pets in China.

Internationally renowned pet manufacturer has landed in China, to seize the pet economy enormous opportunities in China. Domestic pet industry has quietly moved Denver pet economy. The rise of China's pet industry is formed by the interaction of many factors in Chinese society.

First of all, China's family planning policy and an ageing population makes people's habits have changed. Fewer families greatly enhanced the demand for pets. Children pets as one of his partners, after when they grow up and marry, pets become the parents of spiritual sustenance. Some professionals even proposed "a pet half" argument indicates the pets for the importance of the Chinese people at this stage.

Second, people's ideas have changed, pets, more and more people---especially city dwellers as their partners, their disposable income is high, willing to spend more money on their pets. Chinese society is undergoing unprecedented transformation and relationships more complex than at any time in the past. Therefore, many people rely on their pets to loneliness and relaxed.

Finally, pets live price common pets into the family, China accelerated the process. Pet current price value of tens of thousands of Yuan a few years ago have fallen to thousands and even hundreds of Yuan, and those of the living return is a spoiled family surge fuse.

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