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Pet toy history

- Feb 06, 2017 -

Pet toy of development actually is from natural to artificial manufacturing, and return natural of process, with other of human products and commodity as, in from simple to luxury, and from luxury return to simple of course, because just began of when, dog and cat of toy is is simple of, like is natural of bones, ball, master of hats, socks and so on, in human realized that to to himself of pet do pet toy of when, on began deviated from has pet of views and aesthetic views, even made has some strange of toy, From human of itself views view words, is is has creative of, but in birth zhihou, after has is long time of running barely let pet accept has this toy, again later, in human real of put gravity put in pet of Visual above of when, only real of manufacturing out has meet pet preferences and real caused pet interest of toy, real of care pet, like in both at home and abroad market above compared environmental of pet toy: Loofah pet toy, sisal pet toy, cotton Ma pet toy, cotton fill class pet toy.

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