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Pet toys

- Feb 06, 2017 -

Pet toys is a toy used to play pet, is different from traditional toys above. Traditional toys for children boy or girl toy used to exclude void or to pass the time. Pet toy is based on the partnership for pets as people born out of one type of parent-child type of toy, the toy the purpose of existence is to make human baby and his truly interactive, on the emotion for greater communication and interaction.

Pet toy in strictly meaning,, pet himself actually in subconscious inside is will himself select a vent emotional of way, like molar, mess pulled master of footwear and will chase will mobile of objects, especially cat like Chase play hand of mouse, so pet toy of birth, in must degree above meet has pet in emotional above of needs, and in physiological above also has in with master of interactive link above are up to has is important of deepening and deepened of role.

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