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What are dog toys

- Feb 06, 2017 -

Dogs also enjoy a wide variety of toys, sometimes you need a four, five-piece toy, and the weekly rotation of different toys. It will make your pet is full of interest. If your pet is like a toy, so best not to replace this toy.

Toys are made from different materials and have different durability. So, when you give your pet before you buy the toy, you need to understand your pet's habit of biting, and the choice of appropriate durable toy for it.

Polyethylene or latex toys tend to be soft, and are made from a variety of colors. Some even produce a squeaking sound, making toys more interesting. These toys are generally suitable for those who are not aggressive biting habits of dogs.

Two toys, rubber and nylon more durable, suitable for those with moderate biting habits of dogs to play. This toy often make a hole on top so that when those love bites dog play more interesting.

Three, rope toys are generally made of nylon or cotton material, applied to have moderate biting habits of dogs. Especially for those who like to drag the game's dogs are very useful, and that neither soft nor hard texture helps the dog's teeth healthy.

Four soft, plush toys and more light, suitable for those who like dog pull toy, not suitable for dogs that like to bite.

Five, easy to clean and durable canvas toys, for those who love bites dog.

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