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Teach You To Read Cat Language

- Jan 06, 2018 -

Don't assume that the cat form of affection is very simple, in fact, if you are able to observe, you will find the cat's expression is very complex, they tend to through the changing of their emotions appear different expressions. Let's take a look at some of the body language of cats.

When your cat walks around your feet and keeps rubbing your head against your legs, your cat is greeting you and acting like a girl. If you go out for a long time and don't come back, when you walk in the door, your cat comes running up and shakes your tail, then it's greeting you and welcoming you home. When cats eat cat food and start licking their mouths and licking their PAWS, it's a sign that it's very happy with their food and that it's a way of expressing its trust in you. When your cat is angry, he rolls his tail up and his ears go down the back of his head and open his mouth to reveal his teeth and meow loudly.

Sometimes the cat will leave their ears hanging down, tail into the body, mouth beard also natural prolapse, body under lock and key, then the cat to show you the meaning of the subject is to think you said, you surrender. When the cat is waving to you from other strange objects meows loudly sound, and their limbs is becoming rigid, the cat began to upright, there were two ears close to the brain after beginning, this is the cat in to warn you, this time the cat have a certain aggression, so don't try to provoke him, if don't want to grasp the difference by it, or leave early.

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