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Pet Leather Rope

  • Pet Caught Auto-broken Leash

    Pet Caught Auto-broken Leash is equipped with a safety collar. It is mainly used to prevent the dangerous consequences of a sudden break in the collar or strap.

  • Fashion Fabric Pet Leash

    Fashion Fabric Pet Leash with a strong spring can easily adjust the length of the rope. The shell is made of durable PP plastic material, ergonomically shaped, with a non-slip handle.

  • Printed With Beautiful White Flowers Pet Leash

    This Pet Leash is 3 meters long and automaticly retractable. The pull force weight is 20kg. It lets the dog have more space for activities.

Tianyuan, one of the leading pet products manufacturers and suppliers, brings you a great selection of quality pet leather rope from our factory. Welcome to wholesale our quality pet leather rope at cheap price for your darling pets.